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Other Cuts


We offer a comprehensive range of meat cuts from roasts, joints, diced steak to mince meat.  From an eclectic range of more than 25 exotic game animals including Bison, Blesbok, Camel, Crocodile, Eland, Elk, Goat, Horse, Impala, Kangaroo, Kudu, Llama, Mouflon, Oryx, Ostrich, Reindeer, Springbok, Wagyu (Kobi) Beef, Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Wildebeest and  Zebra in fact something for everyone.  We even do some good old-fashioned British meat cuts aswell.
Bison Meat
Blesbok Meat
Camel Meat
Crocodile Meat
Eland Meat
Elk Meat
Goat Meat
Horse Meat
Iberico Pork
Impala Meat
Kangaroo Meat
Kudu Meat
Llama Meat
Mouflon Meat
Oryx Meat
Ostrich Meat
Reindeer Meat
Springbok Meat
Wagyu Beef
Water Buffalo Meat
Wild Boar Meat
Wildebeest Meat
Zebra Meat