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Our unique range of premium qaulity meats, have been sourced from around the world, each chosen for its delicious flavour and importantly, for its nutritional benefit.    All of our unique meat products are trimmed from only the finest cut, vacuum packed and frozen to ensure the full flavour, nutrients and goodness are retained.

Our suppliers actively participate in enviromental programs to ensure wildlife population levels are maintained.
Bison Steaks
Blesbok Steaks
Camel Steaks
Crocodile Steaks
Eland Steaks
Elk Steaks
Goat Steaks
Horse Steaks
Impala Steaks
Iberico Pork
Kangaroo Steaks
Kudu Steaks
Llama Steaks
Mouflon Steaks
Oryx Steaks
Ostrich Steaks
Reindeer Steaks
Springbok Steaks
Wagyu Beef Steaks
Water Buffalo Steaks
Wild Boar Steaks
Wildebeest Steaks
Zebra Steaks